August 31, 2007

Relaxing Evening...for me!

Well, it is the simple pleasures in life, right!

Tonight we were all to go to the ball game, but we realized earlier in the week that we only had 4 tickets, they were given to us by my FIL. SO we decided that hubby would take the 3 big kids and I would stay home with 2 year old DD. Tonight they all headed out to the ball game and I stayed home.

What a relaxing and fun evening I had. We made breakfast for dinner; yummy pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs with shredded cheese and Frank's hot sauce on top! (If you have never tried Frank's hot sauce - all I can say is YUMMY!!) DD skipped the hot sauce!

After cleaning that up she was ready for a book and then to be tucked in! So I got her all squared away in bed and then what was I to do??? It was quiet - the house was clean - what to do!!! Most Mom's will tell you that when we are in this predicament we don't know what to do with ourselves. We don't want to waste this time; so what is going to give me the most relaxing evening? A book, a movie??? Hmmm... then I noticed my feet, my toe polish wasn't looking so hot! I then knew just what to do. First a nice long soak in my favorite bath goodies! I love to soak in a hot tub with the following:

  1. 1 cup Epson salt

  2. 3 drops essential oils (I love to use Lavendar oil)

  3. 3 squirts of baby oil

So I relaxed in my homemade solution and read a little. Then I got out and manicured my toes! All with a little background music from the ipod! Yes, it was a wonderful evening.

Just when it was starting to get too quiet I heard the troops on the front steps all full of excitement and wonder, each bursting to tell me their version of the evening!

9 yr old DD came in and said it was all great fun until it became the MOST.EMBARRASSING.NIGHT.OF.HER.LIFE!!!" When I inquired as to why, it was because she developed a nose bleed and it caused a little attention to fall upon her - she kept telling me, "CAN WE SAY PRIVACY!" He he he! She comes by it honestly! So her version: it was great fun, until it wasn't and oh yeah our team lost!

6 yr old DS came in and said it was a great night because Dad let him have a big soda and whoa their was a lot of blood! "I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW A NOSE COULD BLEED SO MUCH!" At this point I was A) questioning hubby as to how much blood and B) glad dear 9 yo didn't hear this comment! So then I hugged DS told him I was glad he had a great evening and told hime to keep the whole "bled a river comment" to himself. So his version: it was great fun, got a great sugar high and got to see gore upclose and personal!

5 yr old DD came in and said, "IT WAS FUN! I got a candy bar, sissy got a boo boo, daddy carried me on his shoulders because my feet hurt and I sat in gum; oh, and the game was boring except singing during exercise time." (when questioned further she meant 7th inning stretch!) So her version: it was great fun and I got to be the baby for the night and that was more fun than the game!

Hubby came in and thumped down on the bed and threw his arms over his head and looked thoroughly exhausted but with a smile on his face. He said the team lost they tried to rally but it didn't work, bloody noses happen, the kids had a grand old time and I'm a little too old to carry a 5 year old 10 blocks, but I'm glad I did. So his version: I'm tired, sorry my team lost but it was a great evening with my kids!

And can you guess my version: I'm so glad I was in a hot bath!!! I really loved my evening!

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Aimee said...

Friday night we went to a Belton HS football game and I was huffing and puffing my pregnant belly up to the tippy top of the stairs where our free seats happened to be. I was desperately wishing I didn't have to go to the bathroom so often! A quiet evening at home would have been really nice - but we did have fun at the game and they won! Aimee


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