August 23, 2007

Wow and I thought I had it tough

Have you guys seen this???? It is a really funny read and, oh. my. word. I have had those shopping trips with only 4 kids! You know the kind where you are trying to search the shelves for the items on your list and you are trying to keep all the kids calm, safe, respectful of others, cautious of strangers, off the floor, off the shelves, in the basket, on the basket (politely ignoring all the no no's tattoed to the seat bottom of the basket); and all the while you have this nagging feeling you are forgetting something, (but you can't pay attention to that nagging feeling because you are too busy trying to practice the deep breathing/ forced smiling exercise that you read about last night in the lastest and greatest Mommy Book)! Then when you do FINALLY pay attention to that feeling you relax because you realize all you are missing is your mind and well that has been gone a good long time!!!!

I saw this posted here!

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