October 1, 2007

Another week...

I'm excited about this week! We have a couple of fun things planned but we aren't so crazy busy that we don't have a moment to catch our breaths! Well, here are my plans for the upcoming week, I hope each of you have a great beginning of October!

  1. Bible Study: This week I'm studying work. I just really want to see what the bible has to say about all of this. Sometimes I think that I bemoan the work before me. I don't want to do that, I want to serve with a cheerful heart so I'm thinking next week I will segue into a study of contentment and servitude, but that is getting ahead of the game. This week it is about work!

  2. Must Do: This week I must:

    • Work at the restaurant on Monday and Thursday

    • I must package and send off the SewSweetBows orders

    • I must catch up on our school work that we are behind on because of our week off with our friends, we were scheduled to be off this week, but ...the best laid plans of mice and men!

  3. Deep Cleaning: This week I'm working on the bathroom. On Monday I'm going to bleach the grout in the shower, Tuesday I'm going to clean the baseboards, Wednesday I'm going to clean out the medicine cabinets, Thursday I'm going to clean out the drawers and under the sink area, Friday I'm going to deep clean the floors and the walls.

  4. Train Them Up: This week we are still on Family Way number 17, but I am also going to be very diligent about the kids being more accountable about their things! Shoes left around the house, books and pencils strewn about! We have clean up times in place but we tend to just clean up everything in the area we are assigned, so I need them to become more accountable about their own things. Basically, I want the kids to think about the others who are having to pick up after them and to try and think of others first. Implementing J.O.Y.: Jesus first, Others second, Yourselves Last

  5. Menu Plan:

    • Monday: steak, black beans, rice, and salad

    • Tuesday: CA pitas (chicken, avocado, lettuce, tomato in a pita topped with Raspberry Vinaigrette)and potato salad

    • Wednesday: Rice Bowls

    • Thursday: Tapanera and steamed veggies

    • Friday: Pizza Night

    • Saturday: Enchiladas

    • Sunday: Chili and corn bread

1 comment:

lori said...

I LOVE that..J.O.Y...
Jesus, Others, Yourself..I am going to be passing that around:):)

thanks so much for sharing!!


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