September 9, 2007

A new week...

Well, this week is going to be week number 2 for school and already we are headed for a kink in the plans. We have very dear friends who called and said that their tickets are booked and the sunscreen is packed and they are coming for a visit. I'm so glad that they are coming, but they are coming NEXT week!!! So much to plan and do to prepare for week long house guests!!! I'm SOOOOOO EXCITED to visit with them, but there is much to do, so we may be on a modified school plan to get all the prep done. SOOOO my week will be as follows:

  1. Bible Study: I'm still studying the book of Acts! It is very interesting to study the establishment of Christ's church here on earth!

  2. Must Do: Oh my where to start!! Monday I will be making a list of things to do. Tuesday I will be working on getting tickets to our different agendas, we live in a destination city so there is a lot of site seeing to accomplish. Wednesday I will be working at Grandma's restaurant in the morning and planning and teaching bible class that evening. Thursday I will be working on freshening all bedding and Friday we will have our guests arrive. Yippee!!!

  3. Deep Cleaning: I won't have much time for deep cleaning a room this week, but I do hope to make the house all shiny!! Smiles!

  4. Train Them Up: This week we are working on Family Way number 17 this week, it talks about CHOOSING a joyful attitude. This is a hard one for a child, but I really believe if they learn this now it will help them to avoid pitfalls in the future. Bad attitudes are just a manifestation of a selfish heart. We are also working on memorizizing the second step in the way to the Lord, Mark 16:15-16

  5. Menu Plan: (the chicken week, everyone will be sick of it, but I HAVE A TON to use!)

    • Monday: Chicken tacos with garden fresh tomaoes

    • Tuesday: Baked chicken with rice and veggies

    • Wednesday: Chicken Salad sandwiches with fruit

    • Thursday: Rice Bowls

    • Friday: Chicken Lasagna

    • Saturday: Calzones (no chicken involved!)

    • Sunday: Chicken noodle soup

I ran into a sale on chicken about 2 months ago and have really gotten lopsided in my meat department so I need to use it up to make room in the freezer. He he he! Have a wonderful week.


Chad and Rebecca said...

We get our fair share of chicken in my household too.

Dimple Queen said...

It is always exciting to see friends! Don't know if you remember me or not, but I was an RA in Burt Hall. My "chickamay" was Kelly (Roy) Murrie. I married Carlton Pridgen....anyway, I have been reading your site for a while now, and I wanted you to know that you have "inspired" me! I am going to use the format you have one your blog for planning the week....I am SO NOT a planner, but SO NEED to be. I am just getting started on this blogging thing. So I hope to "talk" again soon!

God bless you!


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