September 5, 2007

So this Works for Me Wednesday is all about being brand loyal to certain products.
Well, I'm not really brand loyal because it just isn't economic, but I do have a few favorite things that I will spend the money on!!!

My number 1 brand loyal product is VIVA papertowels! I love Viva! They really do absorb better and they are soooo soft! Yep, I spend the big bucks on these paper towels.

Another brand loyal item is....Dr. Pepper! Now typically I drink iced tea but if I'm going to have a soda, this is it! Hubby tried to buy me the knock of Dr. Skipper, but it just didn't do the trick!

Other than that, whatever is on sale is good for me! Have a great Wednesday!


Laane said...

I've never had Dr. Pepper...
Maybe I should try it.

Have a great wednesday!

Chad and Rebecca said...

There are certain things that I will not buy off brand, one is being paper towels. The off brands just do not do the trick. One thing that I love that is Sam's Choice are their pop tarts. I hardley ever buy pop tarts but when I do, Wal-Mart brand is the best.

Dimple Queen said...

I don't have to buy brand name for most anything. I can deal with the cheap stuff. I think that is because I grew up on it or something. But for years after I got married, I had to buy brand name everything because that is what the hubby wanted. Now that we have two kids he has loosened up quite a bit. He even bought a couple shirts from WalMart the other day, not from Dillards!! WOOOHOOO!!!

DQ (new to the blog world!


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