October 10, 2007

DIY Gift Bags

So this weeks work for me Wednesday was born out of an attempt to be frugal! Do you remember these? Well, like everything else, they REALLY needed to be mailed; however, I didn't know what to mail it in! I hadn't wrapped them yet and I didn't want to put them in a traditional gift bag b/c it would just end up squished by the time it got to its destination. I also didn't want to go out and spend money on wrap, does that bug anybody else?

SO I decided to get creative.
I had this laying around and I had supplies to make this:

So with 2 side seams, a pair of pinking shears and a piece of leftover ribbon I now had this:

A closer image.

Now, why in the world would I ever spend money on a gift bag again? Did I mention how much I HATED doing that!! So that works for me!


Jes said...

So Cute! What a good idea!

The Not Quite Crunchy Parent said...

Great idea! I've been trying to avoid buying gift wrap too and have sewn up felt bags for gifts, flipped old Christmas paper over backwards and added stickers and a few other things. i like the fabric gift card- good idea!

Chad and Rebecca said...

That is a great idea. I recycle gift bags all the time. Some of the stores we shop at give us those plain brown gift bags when we purchase our items. I love these. I use them for gift bags. We just add stickers or some fancy tissue paper and it really dresses that plain brown bag up.

Nap Warden said...

Clever, I will try this!

Andrew & Alaina said...

What a great idea! I'll definitely have to do taht!

Jane said...

I have been thinking about making fabric bags myself. I saw on wfmw where the woman made Christmas fabric draw string bags and she just reuses them each year!

Activities Coordinator said...

Great idea. I have some burlap left over from another project. Now I know what to do with it.

Dimple Queen said...

Liz...those are the cutest! Hey I have a question...how did you start the WFMW thing...did you have to link up to someone elses site (the one who started it all) or did you just start doing it on your own. I mean, I know there are tons of others who do that, but was it one of those "link back to here" kind of things or what...I think I have seen it somewhere but I can't remember!



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