December 9, 2007

Kid's Pictures

I was organizing some old photos on my hard drive and I came across these of the kids. They were taken about 18 months ago, so all have changed, but they are still so cute I wanted to share them.


Dimple Queen said...

TOO CUTE!!!! Your kids are beautiful Liz! Those were great pictures. Did someone take them for you or did you take them?


Liz said...

A friend of ours took them for us! She is such a good photographer!

Dimple Queen said...

Thanks Liz for the comment you left on my blog. I know it must be hard, because we too have to fill that void. I do agree about the "church" too. I guess I see it like that too. I agree with your friends, we do live in glass houses, but shoudn't we all! We should all live in a way that others can see HIM, isn't that our purpose....I know I am preaching to the choir!

Thanks again for "listening"


Dimple Queen said...

**Smiles** OH, the days!!!!

Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

Your children are ADORABLE!!!! I love the dresses!

Dimple Queen said...

Liz, send me your email addresss so I can chat more in private!



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