December 4, 2007

Schedule change...

lately life is going by way too fast. I never seem to get the history lesson in and science always gets pushed to the back burner. Once I school 3 children in the 3 R's and get food on the table and some sense of order in our home I'm spent. Now if you pepper in the sewing projects that must be completed for Dec. 25 and the outside commitments with church and our homeschool group then it is a wonder that I can remember my name! I keep waiting for it to slow down so that I will have more time to devote to teaching the kids more indepth bible truths and to really crack down on child training; but who am I kidding, it will not slow down unless I make it slow down. These things will not change unless I make them change.

Currently I do math lessons in the morning because these lessons are important and they are so easy to get behind in, but I think that I will change that and put bible lessons first because without that training who cares about 2+2? If I don't teach my children to put these truths before the worlds truths then what am I teaching them? Who else is going to show my son the scriptures on how to choose a righteous wife and how to avoid the ones who flatter with the tongue? Who else will teach my girls the scriptures on controlling the emotions and keeping our attitudes in check? Who else will teach them about the establishment of Christ's church on earth in Acts if I don't? Very easily, no one!

I love homeschooling, it is a natural way of life for us. However I think that it can become like anything else and become a pitfall if our priorities aren't set straight. My priority is to teach my children Christ's truths before man's truths. I need to go and tweak our schedules!

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Dimple Queen said...

Liz, you are a wonderful Mommy! I will be praying for you as you make this transition...


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