January 6, 2008

Some pictues of Fall festival that I forgot to post and other ramblings!

We had a ball at fall festival but I never got around to posting pictues of the event, probably because of this and this. So while cleaning my hard drive and organizing 2007 pictures I thought I would post - so enjoy!

2 year old DD as Raggedy Ann!

5 year old DD as Jasmine!

7 year old DS as Prince Peter

9 year old DD as Elizabeth Swann!

Mom as a Fifties housewife, should I dye my hair black.!

So there is Fall in January!

We still have Christmas family in town and will until the fifteenth of January. So the blogging will continue to be light! The kids and I are so excited about spending so much time with the family and not having to jump right back into our school session, but it makes life a little crazy for this introvert who craves her routine! I will survive, and this too shall pass, grin and bear it, find those boot straps...got any other great one liners to get me through the next oh, I don't know, 10 days!


Chad and Rebecca said...

I so want to borrow your Raggedy Ann costume in a couple of years! Those pics were so cute, all of the children are adorable. I liked your costume too and no don't dye your hair black!

Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

Cute pictures and I LOVE that apron!


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