February 14, 2008

A tense moment....

Tonight I was at our midweek bible class and when I reached in my purse to grab a mint something scratched me! Upon closer examination I realized it was my wedding ring MINUS the center diamond and it was the prongs that were scratching me!

I immediately went hot in the face and my stomach felt like it was made of lead! I tried at that very moment to remember when the last time was that I KNEW I had the stone. My mind was racing and all a flutter.

I checked on the pew - it wasn't there. I looked down onto the plush carpeted floor and.....right next to my foot was something glimmering. I hoped that it was ...... and thanking God I picked up my diamond off of the carpeted floor. I was so relieved but at the same time sick from feeling emotions so very opposite of each other in a matter of moments. It is funny how $omething $o $mall can become $o $entimental.

When hubby bought that ring for me, he worked hard to research everything he could and to find the perfect stone and then setting. Somehow I don't think replacing it would have been as much fun! Whew!

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