March 24, 2008

On the Homeschool Desk

I have a new favorite science book, which if you knew me, would know that is saying a lot! I don't like to teach science. The kids LOVE when I teach science! The planning involved is tedious, to collect all of those "common household items". Well I guess my household is just not common because those common household item lists typically mean a trip to Stuff Mart!

Anyway, back to my favorite science book of all times the 2008 version!

This book only uses a few very common household items: (or perhaps just a friendly list to my household!) tape, scissors, crayons, glue, and access to a scanner and printer (or a nearby Kinko's in which case all I can say is I know your pain - see rant above!)

This book builds each body system in a cool way. You lift each layer to see the one below. So far we have built the senses, the tongue, and now we are working on the eye - it is very neat and my kids have loved every second of doing this! Anyway that is my hat tip for this installment of

"On the Homeschool Desk!"

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