March 7, 2008


This subject of the legality of homeschooling is very near and dear to my heart! A California court has recently declared homeschooling illegal, so obviously this is a pretty big concern seeing as I homeschool and I live in California! (I know, that is what you get when you reside in the land with the fruits and the nuts!) HSLDA, the best legal organization in my opinion, is trying to "depublish" the opinion to effectively neutralize the ruling before others courts use it as precedent. Please go here and sign this petition whether you live in California or not; unfortunately, once California passes a law it quickly spreads across the nation. Please sign the petition whether you homeschool or not and protect a right that belongs to the parents.


Angel said...

I just signed. This is very disturbing to me as well. Angel

Smockity Frocks said...

I signed it and put it on my blog.

Liz said...

Thanks guys! I really appreciate it as do about 200,000 children and parents. Liz


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