March 21, 2008

Resurrection Eggs

Today we made resurrection eggs. They were wonderful and the kids really got into the story of Christ rising again.

We used a dozen plastic Easter eggs and references from this site and this site to make our eggs. We had 2 other families join us and each family made their own set to take home.

Egg 1 - The Last Supper
filled with a piece of saltine cracker
reference: Matthew 26:26

Egg 2 - Judas's betrayal
filled with 3 dimes
reference: Matthew 26:14-15

Egg 3 - Jesus dressed as a king
filled with purple satin
reference: Mark 15:17A

Egg 4 - crown of thorns
filled with a piece of a thorny stem
reference: Mark 15:17B

Egg 5 - cross
filled with a small wooden cross
reference: John 19:17-18A

Egg 6 - nails
filled with 1 nail
reference: John 19:37

Egg 7 - Sign
filled with a small printout that ready: THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS
reference: Luke 23:38

Egg 8 - drink of gall and vinegar
filled with a piece of a sponge
reference: Mark 15:36

Egg 9 - burial clothes
filled with a piece of linen
reference: Matthew 27:58-59

Egg 10 - burial
filled with spices (whole cloves)
reference: John 19:40

Egg 11 - Tomb
filled with a smooth stone
reference: John 20:1

Egg 12 - Resurrection
filled with nothing
reference: John 20:9

Each egg held the item and a small slip of paper with the verse printed out on it. I numbered each egg so that the kids would be able to use the eggs to tell the story with ease. This was such a great project for my kids I just wanted to share it with you.

Have a happy Easter weekend!

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Chad and Rebecca said...

I made this for ds last year. It is basically the same as yours but it varies a little. DS LOVES learning about it, he says, "Lets do God in Heaven" when he wants to open the eggs. We placed ours in an egg carton.


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