March 19, 2008

The tea party....

was a pretty frugal adventure. It all cost around $35.00. So I was pleased with the end result and the price tag. I think it is something my dear daughter will remember for a long time!

The complete table set for 7 little girls. All the dishes were purchased at Salvation Army at their 1/2 off day!

The place mats were made from scrapbooking paper. Each girl was able to take home her tea cup in place of a goody bag!

I was so excited to find these white plates. I got 2 for $1.00. They have little predrilled holes to accent with ribbon! SO cute!

These individual cupcake holders are my absolute favorite thing about the whole table. They were so easy to make and they turned out so cute. Notice the little eggs underneath the glass! If I had to do it again I would add a little brown raffia to make a nest!

Dear sweet 6 year old!

For the activity portion of the day we had bubble wands and...

bouquet making and...

a 2 year old very proud of herself and...

decoupage wall letters!

All and all a very wonderful day!


Chad and Rebecca said...

Sooo sooo cute! Love the cupcake holders. Where does dd #3 get her curly hair? From dh?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big they are getting! Very cute girls and very cute cupcake holders! Aimee


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