May 27, 2008

Do as I say, not as I do...

my grandmother used to say this to me as she would sip her beer and take a drag off of her cigarettes. I knew she was being pseudo-hypocritical. I say pseudo because I KNOW she really didn't want me to grow up with her bad habits and addictions, but she couldn't stop her own behaviour. I never did start smoking or drinking, even though most everyone I grew up with did these things. I guess the "Kiss Me I Don't Smoke" campaigns did the trick and I never got into that trap. I escaped the bad influence.

However, tonight I read something that was a little interesting. It talked of setting a good example for the kids to follow. I have known from the first time my daughter said, "Oh my WORD!" that all of my sayings and actions were being emulated. Lately we have been having a little bit of discourse in the family - just getting along. Nothing serious, but a little troubling. I think I have said, "Watch your tone of voice" about 200 times. I'm ready to make it into a t-shirt and wear it 24 - 7! Now I'm thinking maybe I need to be watching my tone of voice!

I'm thinking snotty tones may be a little more ensnaring than smoking or drinking....there is always room for improvement to try and be that Proverbs woman!

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