July 15, 2008

Great Deal....

Note: I am reposting this because I really love these markers and I want everyone to be able to take advantage of this special offer, plus I don't have the brainpower to think of a new and fabulous tip! Enjoy!

We use dry erase markers quite often in our homeschool but I get very irritated by how much they cost and how fast they run out of ink, and since it is VERY important for the teacher to not be irritated by such silly things as school supplies - I went looking for another option!

I have stumbled upon a great deal for dry erase markers. (Well, I actually didn't stumble upon it, a dear friend showed this to me, she is quite aware of my school supply irritation - pencils in the seat cushions, papers ALL OVER THE DINING ROOM TABLE ALL THE TIME - YIKES sorry, didn't mean to start a rant!) They work incredibly well and DO NOT run out of ink as soon as the cap is removed. (Although they are still smelly!)

Well this site offers $0.44 markers and even a free sample to try before you buy! You don't even have to pay shipping on the free offer. It is making my homeschool life a little less hectic and that is a very good thing!

here to try it out!


mom_at_home said...

Thanks a bunch, I go through a ton of them. I'll try this place when my current batch runs out.

Wani said...

We just got a dry erase board given to us and my 3yr old is loving it but hasn't really gotten the hang of putting lids back on. So, I think we'll probably go through a few before he figures things out. Thanks!

Mother Hen said...

Wow, thanks for the tip! (that's a very subtle marker pun) I went right over and requested my freebies and placed an order for a handful of markers. I use them a lot too. If you would like to read my post on how I use my white board in our home here's the link. http://shipfullofpirates.com/?p=481

beth said...

Just placed my order! Thanks!


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