September 22, 2008


it has been a week since I have posted anything!

Life has been crazy, CRAZY I tell ya!

I won't bore you with the details but it has involved a funeral, sick kids, and exhaustion. What it didn't involve was excess time! Oh well, that is the life of a mom!

I hope to have the rest of our first grade 2008 finished this week! That is my goal anyway - whatever that means! =)!

I will leave you for now with this funny story...

Dear sweet 3 yo was singing a song to herself tonight...

"Sissie taught me something,
Nana taught me something,
Daddy taught me something,"


It was the sweetest little song, so I decided to investigate what they had taught her.

Me: What did sissie teach you?
3YO: How to put my ears in the water, when I take a bath - she said they are waterproof!
Me (suppressing a giggle, but very much enjoying the conversation!): Oh! Well, what did Nana teach you?
3YO: to put my chin over the soup bowl when I eat
Me: Oh that is good too. Well, what did Daddy teach you?
3 YO: This (she then demonstrates sticking her tongue out rolled like a taco!)

That was a very favorite conversation! Another thing I will mention before I run off to sleep is a comment from the funeral over the weekend.

We were all seated in our pews, somberly waiting for the service to begin. 3 yo is sitting sweetly on my lap when our preacher began to make his way to the front of the auditorium.

My sweet 3 yo exclaims: OH NO, the man who talks!!!

I may have turned a little red!

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