January 9, 2009

Oh how I really hate packing...

I don't think I can tell you exactly HOW MUCH I loathe packing!!!

I don't mind putting the stuff in boxes, I don't mind sealing them with tape, and I don't mind hauling stuff to Good.will!

What I do mind is:

Waxing nostalgic over everything that was packed away! Baby clothes, wedding dress, photos (hang my head in shame over the photos), high school memorabilia (I wrote my senior research paper on the transition from adolescence to adulthood - my conclusion adults had NO idea what we were going through - that evoked a laugh!), and any other thing that I forgot I had that I felt was important to store!

I also mind making decisions.over.and.over. AGAIN! Goodwill, trash, take, store - Goodwill, trash, take, store - Goodwill, trash, take, store-ad nauseum!!!! My head can't seem to take the monotony.

I also mind the questions once the decision is made -
10 yo dd will say, "Are you SURE you REALLY want to give that away?"

8 yo ds will say, "HHHHEEEEEYYYY, that is my FAVORITE (insert name of any kind of junk) that you want to THROW away!!! MOM!!!!!!!!!!"

I try to remind them that they haven't touched this stuff in forever and that parting is such sweet sorrow, but DEAL WITH IT!!!! we can't keep it all, what would you like to trade in your keep pile for this treasure???

I have to pray for extra patience right now because, really, at this point I want to THROW IT ALL AWAY!!! (I don't think I have used enough exclamations in this post!)

So those are the goings on in my mind right now...hopefully we will soon be settled in our new setting and be at a little more peace. Talk with you soon!


Aimee said...

YOur making me want to move or pretend to move just to get rid of all this junk! I think I'm "nesting" a little early- but it is going to be one heck of a garage sale with the mood I'm in!

Smockity Frocks said...

I feel your pain! I was perpetually exhausted from the 1,249,847 decisions I had to make daily for a month of packing!

Leslie said...

I hear ya sister! Decision-making is the hardest part of moving, I agree!

How's your truck? Get it fixed?

Hugs to you!

Grandma W said...

I really prefer to pray for grace to accomplish those tasks rather than praying for patience. Praying for patience brings tribulation, don't you know.

Sally P said...

Keep going!!! You're almost done:)


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