January 20, 2009

What have we been up to....

Well we have been busy cleaning and putting things up and finding places to store things! Sometimes very creatively so, like putting the school books in the bathtub! That works, (hey maybe I have my WFMW idea already!) Oh wait, did I mention that during this nice little interval we will be staying in our travel trailer? Yes you read that right, 6 people in 30 feet!!!!!

itty bitty living space

However, it has been fun, really and truly fun. (yes, really!) In the morning we have picked up the "house" in no time flat! We could only pack with us the bare essentials so the amount of clutter is very small. My husband thinks I rock because I will go anywhere with him - that is pretty cool!

The reasons for living like a turtle with our house on our back. Well number one because we are squiggles, number two we are in a transition period between our summer adventure and our fall adventure, and number three because we can stay right next to my husbands grandparents and allow our children to get to know them better for the next 3 months - an experience that we both are glad that they will have.

These next couple of months should prove to provide for some interesting blogging fodder! Let the craziness begin!!!!


Grandma W said...

Let's hope that it doesn't turn really cold and you are house bound. I could see that leading to some very trying times. But hey, when it gets to crowded you can visit friends. I have a big yard!!

onemotherslove said...

Wow! What part of the state are you in now?

Christina said...

I'm the reciprocal of you! We're from Texas and moved to Southern California...yes, how could I leave this weather...and where we are there are no mosquitoes! Also, I like how in just a few hours, we can be somewhere fantastic (here in California)...mountains, ocean, vineyards..ect...but the people are so much more friendlier in Texas, don't you agree?


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