August 31, 2009

Under the boxes....we began school

We started school this week, usually my very favorite part of the year. I love the smell of new school supplies and having all of my books organized and arranged in some sort of functional and a little fung shue manner! However this year it didn't happen that way! This year we were in the middle of a move on the first day of school without a functioning computer or kitchen sink, by weeks end I had developed a slight twitch and an automatic startle reflex when someone said, "MOMMMMMM!"

My husband came home on Friday and and asked, "what's for dinner." That is a benign question that I usually don't mind, but I think that my twitch must have become noticable because I'm pretty sure a little tear escaped the corner of my eye as I said, "sandwiches". He chuckled his sweetest most protective chuckle and said "I think the kids need a dinner out and mom needs some quiet time."

It was a wonderful hour of quiet. It was after a week of starting school, having all our stuff under, in, or on top of all sort of geometrically sized cardboard boxes with the occassional tote thrown in for color. It was also after dealing with every workman in a 10 mile radius who would make it a point to simoultaneously say, "Mrs. G, I need..." at the same time my children would say "Mom, I need..." It was work, work I tell you, to remember who I could say "I told you just a moment" in my I-have-already-warned-you voice and who I had to say in my most pleasant June Cleaver voice, "yes!" So somewhere by the end of it I think "I went to the boxes" (only understandable if you were made to watch the Godfather!) I lost a brain cell or two. So that was our first week, hope yours went better!


Chad and Rebecca said...

I hope it gets settled soon. I wish I could be there to help. I thought this was a funny post.

Sally P said...

I'm with Rebecca, wish I was there too :)

Grandma W said...

Take a deep breath and some day you will look back and be able to laugh at yourself and everything going on. I remember the moves today with fond memories. At the time they looked like your mole hill. Believe me this too will pass.


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