September 11, 2009


Along about February my husband walked in the door while I was cooking dinner and nonchalantly said, "How about signing the kids up for ball?"

My heart seized, my grip on the Pampered Chef mega-scraper tightened, and I forced words past the tennis ball in my throat. "Oh, ball, like baseball with a real team and everything." In my head I'm thinking (4 kids X 2 practices per week) + one game = a crazy mom.

"Yes, I think that would be good for them, I played and I enjoyed it." said the loving father.

"Uhh...when do we have to sign up?" asked the terror stricken mother.

"Oh, in about a month or so, I think they will be so excited and it will be a great way to get involved in the community." said the sweet husband.

"Well, ok" said the anxious wife.

So the sweet Dad did go and sign the little children up for ball, but was disappointed that 4 year old was too young to start; the anxious mother didn't share the disappointment...and about 2 months later the life as a we knew it was over.

serious ball players don't smile, or so I'm told

There were a lot of practices and many games; sometimes 3 in one night ALL AT THE SAME TIME! We had to ask for best friends and aunties and grandma to come to the games sometimes just to have a cheerer in the stands.

most friendly ball player

I spent more money on ring pops and Gatorade than should be legal. (I still am overly grateful that the concession stand took cash only!) I became the announcer for the girl's teams and a snack mom for the boy's and a serious fan! Hubby worked hard not to miss a game. It became a family hobby.

our stars

We practiced and practiced (I found out that I can throw a really good ball and I'm not a bad catcher). We learned about batting cages and RBI's and stances and shifts. They improved and really worked hard to not let their team down and to learn the game. I was impressed.

sweet t-baller

Amongst all of this we had a really good time. We laughed, we strategized, we practiced, we sweated, and sometimes cried (it hurts when you catch the ball with your shoulder!). They learned where to throw the ball and how to pay attention to what is going on and tune everything out. I think I could make a good case for it being beneficial and with that being said ~ the running around didn't matter so much. It was a great experience and we will do it again in a few months but....4 year old will be able to play....YIKES!


Liz said...

blogger made the lay out of this story all wonky and I tried to fix it but then gave up. Oh well!

Chad and Rebecca said...

Cute! They all look adorable!!

Grandma W said...

Well, I know I am sounding like a broken record, but they grow up really fast and some days I wish we still had a little of that noise and I then I wake up. We too spent days running all directions and I began to think that our van was my home. I spent most of my Saturdays in Florida running kids all directions. Now we are waiting to play the cheerleaders for grandkids playing games.


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