September 22, 2009

Irrational..part 2

See how irrational I am with this took me a week to gather enough time gumption to get back to the story! So where were we....oh yes, I was pounding on the bathroom door for dear life!

Well my pounding and screaming was pointless - NOBODY could hear me (except for the vending machine guy who decided it wasn't anything worth checking out!!!)

I was guarding the door so that if someone came in we wouldn't both be locked in, after about 20 minutes I gave that up because at the other end of the bathroom there were some lockers. I was hoping I could look and see if I could find something to help me break OUT of the bathroom. As I was inspecting these lockers I saw a door at the end of the hall. I prayed then I checked to see if it was unlocked, it was! It opened into a HUGE, DARK gymnasium. I thought if I get locked in this gym that is it I'm done for.

By this time I had been gone about 25 minutes and I was ready for this adventure to be over. I just decided to hope the gym doors were unlocked. I pushed they opened and I was spit right out into the foyer. Just like that I was back in the land of the living and it was GREAT!

The first person I saw I wanted to hug because I was ALIVE! It was the vending machine guy who I told my plight too (I just wanted to know if he had keys to UNLOCK the bathroom) he said, "Oh so that was you, I just thought it was some kid screaming!" Thanks mister, then I didn't want to hug him anymore!

Next I saw a custodian to the building and I said, "Sir I was just locked IN the ladies bathroom, could you please go and unlock it so NOBODY else gets locked in." He assured me he would immediately take care of the problem - he didn't!

The next person I saw was dear Auntie who looked at me quite quizzically, in a way, I promise, only she is capable of. I spilled the whole story and in true Auntie fashion she took off to find the powers that be and tell them to unlock their bathroom. They said, "thanks for telling us!"

So one vending machine dude who is so busy with his coke he doesn't care about the world, one nonchalant power-that-bes, an MIA custodian, an incredulous Auntie, and a slightly unnerved me. Auntie and I sat in silence for a bit, then alternated with nervous chuckles, then silence, then the "what if it was one of our kids...".

FINALLY it was time to leave and I just couldn't leave the public nuisance alone. I made our whole group trek over there and go into the bathroom, shut the door and see if they could get out. They couldn't! I felt validated and let them out!

Then I saw a lady apparently working on her bible classroom. I thought I would have a chat with her:

ME: Excuse me.
HER: Yes
ME: I just spent about half an hour in your bathroom
HER: (nervously looking at me) Ohhhhh yeah...
ME: YES! I was locked in there
HER: (nervous look dissipated to reveal disbelief) REALLY
ME: Yes, look at my hands (they were literally bruised from beating on the door -remember irrational fears)
HER: I'm so sorry
ME: Yes, can we please get the problem fixed because I have told several people and they haven't fixed the issue
HER: Ok let's go see what we can do

So I follow her until she finds a second sweet custodian (here fore recognized as 2SC).

HER: oh, hi this lady was locked in our bathroom
2SC: huh??
HER: yes, she said she was locked in, can you fix it

The 2SC goes to the bathroom in question and opens the door an then turns to us and says, "It is not locked"

At this point a little bit annoyed I said, "NOO, The inside!"

2SC jiggles the inside handle and says, "OHHHH YEAH, it IS!"

I said, "yeah, I know!"

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