October 30, 2009

Goings on at school this week...

I love homeschooling my children! I know I have said it on at least 50 different occasions on this blog, but I really do. Brick and mortar schools were very tedious for this hands on learner, I have always liked to "do" rather than "listen". (And it has caused various trials in my life, but that is another post full of funny stories at my expense - so don't expect it to pop up soon!) With that in mind any time I can show my kids rather than tell my kids I try to run with the opportunity.

So this week in our hands-on school we studied all about Rome. The kids talked about being a Roman soldier and the comforts they could not enjoy while out protecting the vast Roman border! So our lunch for one of the days was eating like a Roman soldier - translation- eating a meat and potato meal with no utensils!
I cooked up potatoes, tomatoes, and ground beef together then served it with a tortilla. It was a good meal, but very messy! We really like utensils!
We even had to stave off a wild beast to protect our lunch (well, just our persistent kitty - but they had fun pretending!)

We ended up having one who cried "Uncle" and went inside and returned with a fork! (Don't you love their little stocking feet - they love these shoe/sock things!)

To continue on our Roman adventure we talked about the Roman buildings, roads, and other such wonders. We discussed how advanced they were for ancient times. It led us to try our hand at Roman architecture! We made our own Roman pillars out of sugar cookie dough! It was a fun project and they had fun shaping, decorating, and eating it!

I had to snag a little extra dough to make hubby and I a little treat too! However, I didn't think that I needed to shape them into the pillars of Rome and despite not being historically accurate they were GOOD!

We also had a lot of fun with science this week. We spent a lot of time talking about plants and how God made the little seeds to know exactly which way to grow, even when it is all covered up in the dark soil! We did a neat experiment that showed the effects of gravity on a plants root system!

I'm not sure what the girls are doing in this picture. They look a little like the "mad scientists" complete with croquet mallets!Everyone was excited when the little roots started to show themselves today! Gravity makes the roots grow down! In a couple of days we will turn the jar over and watch what the roots do when they are growing the wrong way!

Next week in History we are studying the Celts. The kids are reading (or being read) Beowulf according to their age level and in science we are going to start studying the Classification system and ....well, I'll just have to show you next week!

Have a happy weekend!

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