October 8, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons....

I loved Saturday Morning Cartoons with my sister. We would sit about 3 centimeters in front of the 22 inch TV screen in our nightgowns on the cold floor with our chins on our knees stretching out the front of our pjs over our legs. We would break during commercial for cereal and milk! (except for the unexpected morning Dad said, "Let's get donuts" and the cereal AND milk were poured back into the box!) We would run right back to watch the Smurfs or Muppet Babies, by the time my brother woke up and decided it was his time to watch HeMan, GI Joe, or other such nonsense we were typically bored and ready to get dressed to run around outside.

However, all was not lost on those days in front of the tube, I learned some things that I would never forget, maybe you had the same Saturday education....

or this one, the VERY popular government video:

one more, this one is my favorite, must be the English teacher in me:

Speaking of interjections! I uttered some last night as I watched an opossum eat our cat's food! But that is for another post.

And just because I have 70's and 80's TV on the brain how about one last stroll down TV memory lane, we can all sing together!

Have a great day and try not to whistle Conjunction Junction what's your function!


Sally P-G said...

wow! (interjection:) ) I don't remember ANY of these but they are all so very DISCO :)

Chad and Rebecca said...

I only remember the last one and that brought back memories!! I forgot about us putting our knees in our shirt. Your forgot to add that we could only eat on the floor if we had the classified newspaper down!


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