May 2, 2011

A message....

Dear Peep Company,

I am 8 months pregnant and I love, LOVE, L O V E your yellow, gooey, marshmallowy, and sugary chicks! They are wonderful and if I wasn't afraid of a diabetic coma I could eat boxes of the yummy goodness! I love them so.

However, there are only 2 left in my house! There are only 2 little yellow marshmallow chicks left to be consumed. There are NONE at the local Wal-Mart! There aren't any at the local grocery store!!! NONE. I. TELL. YOU!

I understand the ploy and I get it, you bring them out at Easter...fine - I'm good with that. I realize it is a supply them in March and April because for the next 10 months you won't see them again! is the way I was raised. No problem, first day of spring I race out and buy 6 boxes, but this year...oh this year...there were only 6 boxes on the shelf - total! On the first day of Spring this year I could not buy all those boxes because I couldn't do that to all the other yellow peep lovers in town. So I bought 2 and sighed - they would restock. They did. I bought 2 more because there were only 6 on the shelf.

I was becoming discouraged! Why, you ask? Well if you looked at the shelf real estate to the left it was FULL of purple, pink, and blue chicks and BUNNIES! Yes, there were yellow BUNNIES, but that is not the chicks! So your annual supply of original yellow chicks has been reduced for greater variety....did we ask for variety??? I don't want marshmallow goodness to match with the Easter baskets. So in years past when you knew Spring had arrived because the whole aisle was basking in yellow peep glow now it is a rainbow of colors. That is sad!

I don't care if you bring out a flag version for labor day or memorial day or 4th of July. You can't pacify me with heart versions at Valentine's Day or pumpkins at Halloween. Snowmen at Christmas don't work either! The original yellow chicks are the only ones that matter! I would appreciate it if you took this under advisement!

Thank you!

Now back to our regular schedule of randomness!


Rebecca said...

That is how I feel about the cadbury eggs!

Sally P-G said...

gross! but too funny :)


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