November 12, 2011

A New Skill....

All 3 of my daughters have taken up piano.  They all seem to really enjoy the lessons and some tolerate practice better than others, but my oldest dear daughter is drawn to it.  It seems as if she must play when she walks by...her fingers have to seek the melody.  My 9 year old daughter who has been playing the longest also seems to love mastering each new song and gets excited as she gets close to finishing another book.  My 6 year old is just enjoying the music and tolerates practicing well enough.   Recently the girls participated in a recital to showcase their new skills.   They did so well!!!  I was excited and nervous for them but they played like champs!  

When I was a little girl and was in some kind of recital we would always come home to a cake made in our honor.  I wanted to carry on that tradition for my girls so I made 2 boxes of cupcakes and arranged them to look like piano keys!  They were excited about the end result, but have asked multiple times what I would have done if they hadn't performed well.  I gave them the standard mom answer and said they would always perform well in my eyes! 

We have so thoroughly enjoyed our season of piano and can't wait for many more recitals!

Such beautifully, talented girls!

Just because he is so stinking cute!

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Rebecca said...

I just clicked on here by chance that you wrote something and you did!!! LOVE reading your blog! Also, I love the cake. I always remember mom baking us a cake after our recitals.


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