August 21, 2007

Family Again

Our last and oldest blessing is DD#1 (9). She is truly a sweetheart. She is so mature and such a little mother to her siblings. This, I'm sure, is an oldest trait but it is so sweet to watch her taking care of the little ones. DS feels as if he is too old to be taken care of, but occassionally if he and DD#3 have a few words DD#1 is there to explain why you should speak kindly to each other or to let me know what is going on. She is a nurturer by nature and a hard worker too!

She has a competitive streak that is a mile long - hmmmm, must be from Daddy's side of the family!!! She likes to win but she doesn't like the edge that some competitive people use! She doesn't like to taunt and she won't win at any cost, she will only compete with dignity and grace and even then she is a gracious loser. She is also in Tae Kwon Do and was also recently awarded her blue belt! They love learning this sport. I think in the end they will feel a great sense of accomplishment if Lord willing they obtain a black belt.

I have been reading a lot about emotions as of late. I'm trying to understand there role biblically in our life. I know that we should not live by emotion and that it is not right to basically believe that our life is subject to how we feel, but we need compassion to be effective Christians; however, how much should we heed them. Sounds like a bible study in the making to me!! Giggle! Anyway, back to DD#1 she is sensitive and we are trying to give her the tools that she needs to not live by her emotions or to wear them on her sleeve - hmmmmm, wonder where she gets that??? Yep, that would be Mama's nature too! (Don't you just love it when your kids start emulating your own short comings! I always think, do I really sound like that???)

DD#1 was named after her paternal Great-Grandmother and they have always shared a special bond! They are alike in many ways and just about 2 of the sweetest people on Earth. I'm blessed to have them both in my life! So that is a little about DD#1 she is our first blessing and dear to her Mama's heart!

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Chad and Rebecca said...

you are right in describing your dd as the sweetest person, she really is..huh wonder where she gets that from...her AUNT!!


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