August 21, 2007

So the next person up is DS (7)!! The only boy in an all girl world, (he and Daddy stick together)! He does really well and everyone always tells him what a great husband he is going to make! When we found out our 4th child was another DD he was disappointed for about 2 seconds until Daddy explained what a big job God had given him to protect all those sisters. After being told this he dashed into the other room and quickly reappeared with his plastic sword and exclaimed, "I'm READY!"

He is a wonderful son and I just love being his Mama!!! First off he is all boy. He loves to shoot his bebe gun at nothing at all. Obviously here it is a big wood pile that I think he decided was a dragon, we had been studying knights and well it carried over into play time!!!

He and his Daddy have just built a Pinewood Derby car for our homeschool groups 1st annual race!(actually the girls participated too, so yes Daddy made 3 cars!!! Go Daddy!) They had so much fun sanding, painting, adding details, and making sure it was the right weight! F - U - N! We didn't win the actual race but we did make some fun memories! DS was a little disappointed in his race outcome but quickly got over it, which for him is just his way of life. Nothing bothers him for long and that smile - which is so contagious - just quickly finds its way back again. If you can tell in the photo he has a little bit of a black eye left. He and some friends collided on the trampoline! I know that hurt!!!

He is also in Tae Kwon Do with his sisters and I have to say that he loves it! They get such a thrill out of breaking those boards (which is just balsa wood) and learning those kicks. Our Tae Kwon Do instructor is a 9th degree black belt, I think there are like 6 in the US. The master actually had to travel to Korea to obtain his 9th degree! The kids know that is very cool! It is interesting to watch the girls experience with this sport versus my sons. He is very into the kicks, flips, and weapons but isn't so interested in learning the forms whereas my daughters perfect their form with much practice daily; however, when we ask DS if he has practiced his form that day, he usually says, "How long do I have to practice it! or WHY DO I NEED TO KNOW THAT!!!" It is good for him!

He is an active boy and always has been. It took me awhile to find my groove as a mom to a son, I have to step back and let him learn. I have to step back and let Dad show him how to be a man w/o always coddling him. Each year around Valentine's Day we study Proverbs 31 because as important as it is for my DD's to learn what God expects of a virtuous wife (and let's face it alot of that is going to depend on what I model for them- big job, BIG JOB!) it is equally important to teach my son what to look for in a wife, after all the whole chapter is about a mother teaching her son about a wife more prized than rubies! I always think about that saying, "A daughter is a daughter all of your life, your son is your son 'til he finds himself a wife!" I pray for my future daughter in law a whole lot!

Yes, that is him sticking his head in a hole! It is actually the only natural entrance to Wind Cave. He was trying to feel the wind coming out! Boys, are so much fun. So that is DS, 2nd blessing and very dear to his Mama's heart!

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Chad and Rebecca said...

It helps me to watch you with your ds so I have an idea how to raise my ds. He is a cutie and very sweet!


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