August 20, 2007

My Family Continued

Today I want to introduce you to another special person in my life. This is DD#2 she is 5 years old, and as usual the age 5 has proven to mark a change from preschooler to big kid! She has learned so much since turning 5, ans she only turned 5 a couple of months ago. She has learned how to ride a bike, swim, brush her hair, and read! It is so exciting to see her grow and change but a little bittersweet as another one leaves the baby stage behind!

She has recently taken up Tae Kwon Do, following in her brother and sister's footsteps. She is so cute learning the kicks and flips. I have never been big on team sports, don't get me wrong I think they are great for teamwork but the havoc that they bring on a family has left me very skittish of them. So we have opted to enroll our kids in "lifelong" sports. Meaning sports that they will be able to use their whole life, don't rely on 12 other people to play, and don't take 2 practices a week and a game on Saturday to participate in. So Tae Kwon Do, tennis and golf are at the top of our list for lifelong sports. When they are older we may introduce sailing, but we will see. Anyway, she is doing wonderful learning her forms, flips, and weapons. Maybe not the most lady like sport but atleast she will know how to protect herself.

DD#2 is quite fiesty. She is the one to surprise me by her behavior on somedays. She is the sweetest child on most days, but on some days hmmmmm.... not sure what is going on. I have been very cautious with this temperament because I have seen in quite a few families how some kids have been deemed "the bad kid". I try extra hard to let her know how special she is and I spend quite a bit of time with her by my side, a tomato staking endeavor! I guess the harder the child the more of your time and love they demand. That is huge for me I have witnessed many parents with sheer irritation for their child - that is soooo sad. Do something about it - spend more time with them - keep them near you - train them! The bible does not say to spank up a child, but rather to train up a child (Prov. 22:6). At this moment said child is coloring beside me while I type this up. Ok off my soap box and back to DD#2!
She is such a confident little person and I am constantly amazed that God has seen fit to bless us with all of these wonderful people. As you can see by the pictures she is still a little girl and still loves her babies and...

to dress up!!!! So this is DD#2 and 3rd blessing to our family and dear to her mama's heart!

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Chad and Rebecca said...

Very very cute, dear to my heart too!


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