August 19, 2007

My Family

I thought I would post about my little ones and since the little ones usually are last I thought I would go backwards and start with youngest first.

This is DD#3 she is 2 years old and a joy to be around. I'm really not just a biased mama. She really is a funny little thing, but to be fair 2 year olds in general are just fun little people. She thinks that she is all grown up and will tell me to "hold on just a minute" when I call her. While I know this is disrespectful it is also really cute! However, it is true that many bad attitudes start off as cute and what is cute at 2 is not cute at 3, so alas, with that in mind I have corrected her and told her to come when she is called, but I will miss the "hold on just a minute!"

She stays with us during school time unless she is napping, but that isn't usual. She even has a little desk. She has a deck of cards (blank cards that I wrote on) that has an activity written on them and at the beginning of the school day she choses 3 and we pull those actvities out and she plays with those for about an hour then each of the kids have 30 minute time with their little sister. This is kind of a take off from an idea that I read about in Managers of Their Home. The author schedules her older kids to have time with the little ones and while I don't schedule our day that is something that each of the kids are to do when asked of them. We have a little egg timer that we set on the table in the play room and they go off to play. It is their time to spend it with the little one and to play on her level. It is really cute to see big brother playing kitchen with baby sister and ooohhing and aahhing over her creation of plastic food! (I need to get a picture of that.) To me it also bonds them with her as older kids are more apt to go about their day to little regaurd of the little ones - while they love them and care for them they don't opperate in the same realm so this time together creates more of an opportunity to deepen their relationship.

She is growing up so fast and she acts all grown up when she is up and about. When she is sleeping I'm happy to be reminded of what a little baby she still is! So that is DD#3 and blessing #4 in our family and dear to Mama's heart!

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Chad and Rebecca said...

My little neice is a little dear. She is fun to be around and you described her perfectly


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