August 27, 2007

Surfing USA...

Today I was going to post pictures from our camping trip but when I emptied the camera I had pictures on there from my son's first surfing, I posted these first.

We have a surfing buff in our homeschool group. He has graciously offered to teach the kids, that are interested, to surf. DS had his first lesson last week and it was great. He caught a couple of waves and stood up but always ended up wiping out. He can't wait for his next lesson tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the girls had no interest in surfing but really enjoyed building sandcastles and playing in the surf. I really thought that 2 year old DD would rather play in the sand, but she had so much fun letting the waves get her! I stood in the surf with her and she really enjoyed herself. It was so cute.

9 year old DD and 5 year old DD had so much fun playing in the waves and building sandcastles. Everytime I looked up I wouldn't find one without the other. It is fun to have sisters. (I should blog about that one day)! I love my sisters and I'm glad that my girls have that experience too. My hubby has many brothers and I think sometimes he wishes for that for his son but that is not what God has chosen for him, atleast that we are aware of at this point. Never say never! =0!

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- Linz - said...

Thank you for your nice comment!

Looks like your kids had a blast. :)


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