August 27, 2007

We are back...

We are back from a very fun filled weekend with our church family. Our church had the 3rd annual Family Encampment this weekend. We all go and bring tents or trailers and enjoy worship, fellowship, and good food! Each year has been a ball and full of memories. I will post pictures tomorrow from our grand weekend, but first I need to dig the camera out of the duffel bag somewhere under the bed in the trailer! Guess I'll be cleaning tomorrow, I would have started cleaning it tonight but I was too busy scrubbing kids and then the tub!

By the way what do you do when your son knocks the bottle of hair mousse onto the floor and the nozzle breaks off and mousse runs uncontrollably everywhere???? Well, you put it in the sink and let the kids have an impromptu science lesson about pressure ofcourse and a really fun time making play beards! I should have taken pictures, but I was laughing too hard to focus and you know the camera is still in said duffel bag!!! haha!!

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