September 12, 2007

Chore Charts

So this Works For Me Wednesday is all about chore charts. I love chore charts but using them consistently never worked for me, I would never remember the stickers or I would forget half way through the day for the next step to be followed. My kids loved them (they LOVE routine, wonder where they get that from??) but they felt like they were my charts. Then someone introduced me to Accountable Kids! Well, I loved the idea, but I couldn't justify to dear hubby spending $200.00 on chore charts so I did the next best thing and made one up myself. So here are my Responsible Kids charts:

This is one of my DD's charts. Each child has their own chart, DS is on a square not a heart!

The Wooden Chart:

Each of these wooden cut outs came from Michael's, when I bought them they weren't painted and they didn't have the pegs inserted in them so I did it. I chiseled out a small hole in each heart and then put a light drop of super glue in the hole and next I pushed in a small dowel. I spray painted the whole thing and then decoupaged the names and stickers on. So now that the actual chart was made it was time to add the chore cards.

Chore Cards:
Each child has a set of cards for their chart. The chores to be accomplished in the morning are yellow, afternoons are green, and evenings are blue. After the child has accomplished a chore they flip the card.

The chore cards are printed on card stock with a clip art picture and the written instructions. Then a poster hanger sticky was put on the back so the cards would hang from the pegs on the wooden frame. I absolutely LOVE this chore chart. The kids are responsible for their own charts and they simply look and see what needs to be turned to stay on task.

The Reward System:

Every chore chart needs a reward system and ours uses a bead system. When your chores are completed in the morning you get one bead, afternoon - one bead, and evening - one bead. Then you can use those beads to have computer time or TV time. If they want to save the beads in their jar and not use them for computer time or TV time then when the jar is full they can turn it in for a Dad/Mom approved award. DS really wants an MP3 player so he is working towards that. (We also take away beads for bad attitudes, bad behavior and we reward for good behavior!)

The smaller jar is one of their jars to hold their beads (Michaels for $1.00) and the larger jar holds the beads until they are retrieved. So that is my Works for Me Wednesday. Head over to Shannon's for more great ideas.


Kara said...

Very cute chore chart!

Agency said...

What a cute idea! I love it! What are some of your chores that DD#3 does?

Zen Master said...

The beads are an excellent idea. I am going to have to get that started.

Dimple Queen said...

I LOVE it!!! You see, I am not the most organized person in the world. BUT I will say that my kids LOVE helping and doing things for me. SO, something like this would be GREAT. How many beads do they get per chore, how many beads does something like computer time cost? How many beads would it take for them to fill up a jar and get something like a MP3 player?

Dimple Queen said...

oops...I just reread the post...Sorry about that, now I know how much they get per chore, but what do things like TV time and Computer time "cost"

beki said...

I was hoping you might send me the info you put on the cards...the clip art and the chore with the text. thanks!

heres2u said...

Would you be willing to post/send the info. you put on the cards-- the clip art/chore text. I love your idea! Thanks!

Rachel said...

I love it and will make one for my 3,4 and 6 year old. Can you tell me which chores you used for which ages? Great idea!!! Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea and I am trying it with my kids. The only thing I can not find is the "poster hanger stickys". Do you know where I can get them. I have been searching!!!!! Thanks!

Liz said...

Hi guys, I found the poster stickys at Michael's. I think they were $1.00 for 50. If you can't find them there do a google search for poster hangers.

Each family will have different ideas about what chores should look like and our chores have evolved over the years.

Some ideas, my 11 year old vacuums, cleans dog kennel, washes dishes after meals, does mirrors

my 9 year old:
puts dishes away from dishwasher, feeds animals each morning, takes trash out AND puts liner back in trash can (future husband training!), wipes sinks and counters.

my 7 year old:
clears table after each meal, wipes table off, cleans out pet bowls, wipes fridge down, does toilets

my 4 year old:
picks up the inevitable napkins on the floor around dinner table, puts away silverware, wipes off front of dishwasher, puts away shoes, etc...

They all rotate with our dog and I make 2 of them play with him for 30minutes per day (1 in the morning, 1 in the evening)...didn't know this was a chore...well, it really isn't but it ensures puppy and kitty get some attention!

Hope that helps.


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