September 12, 2007


Ok this has been on my mind a lot lately! Think of this scenario, 4 kids (9 and under) and no less than 15 things committed to in any given week! Seriously! There are the weekly commitments like church on Sunday and Wednesday (and I teach Wednesday bible class), speech for DS on Monday morning, Tae Kwon Do M, W, and S, once a month co-op, and then you throw in the field trips that are just too great to miss and then the monthly soccer PE class because my kids really need to atleast know the rules of the game! Then I have committed to waitress for Grandma at the restaurant one day a week for the next 3 months and THEN I found out about this REALY GREAT music class for DD that is only 2 days a week that I really (hear the whine) wanted to enroll her in, BUT hubby said, ABSOLUTELY NOT because he really liked seeing his wife with a smile on her face and not just 2 big saucer eyes! So after pouting submitting happily, I hoped on the computer for a second and saw this! So after that we dropped out of the monthly soccer PE class too! Simplify!!!

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The Lazy Organizer said...

Way to say no! You need to label this under Organized Living because it was very organized of you. Thanks for the link!


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