October 18, 2007

This and That...

I don't have anything profound to blog about just the daily goings on of life around here and I can't seem to wind down tonight so I thought I would just write.

Today I worked at Grandma's and DS really wanted to go too (each time I work the kids rotate who gets to go)! So he went with me and hung out with me, Great-Grandma, and Papa (Papa, my fil, owns the grocery store next door that is connected with a hallway to the restaurant - a family business!) The 3 girls stayed home with Nana and Daddy and got into their own trouble - Seriously - 2yo DD tried her hand at being Picaso with Crayola markers on the wall (Hubby was trying to scrub it with a diaper wipe when 9yo came in with the Mr. Clean eraser and said, "Here, try this!" ha ha!) 9yo and 5yo kept suggesting plans that didn't involve school work that ended up with a trip to McDonald's with Nana for there $1 sundae! (I didn't really mind that they didn't do all of their schoolwork b/c that means I didn't miss it, but I reminded them that now they have to make it up on Saturday! They thought that was a fair trade for a fun outing with Nana!)

When I came home the house was a MESS!!! I dug deep (DEEP, my friends, I had just stood on my feet serving food for 5 hours!!!) and smiled patiently pursed my lips upwards and set a timer for 10 minute clean up and put a stupid CD on and we all worked together to get it all put back together. I was glad that I chose that path b/c sometimes I decide to give into myself and pout and then it takes along time to dig the family spirits out of the mire to have a happy tone in the house again.

So then the kids and I vegged (I WAS TIRED!) in front of the Food Network. I learned a very valuable thing during this time, when 2 yo looks at the TV and claps her hands joyously and says, "YEAH, Rachel is on!" You KNOW you watch too much Food Network!

So all that food tv got me thinking about dinner and we had ham sandwiches with wonderfully sliced veggies (wonderful b/c hubby sliced them for me - woo hoo!) and then it was time for church and I was sooo tired I barely made it, so I grabbed a Dr. Pepper on the way out the door - BIG MISTAKE - because here I am at 11:51 writing a redicuously silly post when I should be sleeping and I must be wound up b/c I just looked back and I wrote in A LOT OF CAPITAL LETTERS!!! Ok, I'm off to try and sleep - thanks for listening to me ramble!

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