October 16, 2007

Bedtime Routines

This weeks works for me Wednesday is about bedtime routines. I have several things that I like to do before putting my kids to bed.

  1. I like for hubby to do a small devo

  2. I like to sing and pray with the kids (great time to memorize favorite hymns)

  3. I like to read to or have them read before bed

Well we have 4 kids all developmentally in different places with different needs and trying to get the bedtime routine done was getting dicey and LONG. Hubby was getting tired of waiting around for different kids to be ready for devo and it was cutting into our time together with each other. So we came up with a plan!

As I start getting 2 year old ready for bed I set a timer for 15 minutes and I tell my crew "bedtime" and they start their routine. They need to get dressed for bed, pick out clothes for next day, brush teeth, go to the bathroom and get the proverbial glass of water before the timer goes off. They don't have to ask me what to do because of our charts.

When timer goes off we meet for devo. (if anyone was a dawdler they have beads deducted) Daddy does a 10 minute devo and then we pray, sing, and give kisses and hugs. Next Daddy takes the older 2 and reads a chapter to them of their current book (right now they are reading through the Narnia series). I take the little 2 and read to them and tuck them in and give kisses. When Daddy is finished with his book he tucks 7 year old in and kisses 9 yo and sets her timer for her 30 minute reading time befor bed. Done!

The divide and conquer method has enabled us to tuck everyone in lovingly with sweet thought and still enables us to have a devo together. Over the years I'm sure this will change but for now it is working for us.


Janelle said...

Great ideas! We need to work on that area as I don't like to get/be frazzled with them at the end of the day.

stacey said...

thanks for the idea. even with two this is always a struggle b/c they want "mommy"! habits to break!

jen said...

Thanks for this - I've been debating using a timer but just haven't gotten around to actually trying it. Perhaps we will tonight!

SAHMmy Says said...

Great idea! Since my daughter came along a year ago, my 3 year old son has become a champion staller! I wouldn't want to go to bed before my baby sister either, to tell you the truth! (I nurse her to sleep.) We read books, sing songs, say a prayer, and hope for the best. Now that she's a little older hopefully she'll go down on her own soon and we can develop a routine with both of them--I like your divide and conquer method!

Chad and Rebecca said...

We have a great book called Devotions for Preschoolers, I do this before ds nap in the afternoon. I do our bedtime routine basically the sameas you with the exception of the devotional in the afternoon. Do your older two still listen to books on tape before bedtime? I am ways thought that was a great idea.

Liz said...

Yes, we still do books on tape or one Odyssey to listen to while they are drifting off to sleep. Sometimes it is music, they LOVE to listen to the Carnival of the Animals.

Chad and Rebecca said...

vwhat is the carnival of animals?


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