November 19, 2007

Day 19 without Daddy!!!

So today was day 19 and instead of going to church and enjoying the wonderful day with fellow Christians. You can see in the background what I was doing. LOTS OF LAUNDRY. I have 2 sick children with runny noses and congestion, and this is my life right now.
So while my back was turned 2 yo DD decided to get into the cake! My nice refuge of chocolate was decimated in a matter of unsupervised moments. I thought about having a small meltdown, but 2 yo DD looked at me and said, "Have some Mommy, it is weallly dood!" So I had some "weally dood" chocolate cake, infact we all had a piece of "weally dood" chocolate cake, it was just what we needed.
I guess I will have to deal with the "ask Mommy first" issue next time, since this time I indulged her, and me, and brother and sisters! Wow, I guess I need to return to parenting class! Consistency, consistency, consistency but in my defense it was CHOCOLATE!

1 comment:

Chad and Rebecca said...

She is getting so big!! Is her hair that curly? I have not seen her in so long. So cute!!


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