November 16, 2007

Sometimes they need a little idea...

My DD had a friend over to spend the night tonight. So this afternoon they got together and were squealing with delight at being able to spend the WHOLE night together. They started off getting DF settled in and looking at DD's collection of dolls. Then they switched to a game and then an hour or so outside.

Before long, the whole, I'm bored - what can we do now? MOM, what can we do now, started! At first I said, "Now DD, you don't have DF over every day, I'm sure you can think of something to do!" A little bit later I heard a little whining and "Nooooo, I don't want to play that."

So I decided to give them a little structure to play with. I went outside and sat all 4 kids in a circle with 2 year old on my lap. Then I made up a story of a crew of 4 children and a tag along 2 year old who became stranded on a desert island. They needed to create the basics of survival: shelter, food, water, and fire! Now if they were to survive they needed to start! They were off, they used the soccer goal to create the frame of their shelter, they picked lemons from the tree for their food, "the survivor fairy" gave them bottles of water, and they created a fire ring complete with crayon colored flames. They have been at it for about 3 hours now and their is no end in sight. It is starting to get dusky, but they are begging to please eat their dinner in front of their "fire pit". I guess I better go round up some flashlights!

The bonus is that 2 year old DD has been so enthralled with their water bottles. They have been putting them in their shelter and they get a little dirty, so 2 yo DD goes outside and collects a water bottle then brings it inside and washes it off in the sink. She then goes outside and finds another one and the cycle continues, she is a little OCD like that! Putting the step stool in front of the sink has made her life! Not sure if it has enhanced mine or not, but she loves it.

They are having such a fun time, I think they just needed a little jump start! Well I better go round up some grub and flashlights!


Chad and Rebecca said...

Sounds like so much fun, you have always been good at creating little games. Remember all the made up games we would play when mom and dad put us to bed? Those are great memories!

Liz said...

yes those are fun memories for me too! I can still remember some of them:
Belly Buster
Pick A Color
I'm Gonna Tell

We were silly, but it was fun!


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