November 5, 2007


Can anyone else tell me why the toilet chooses to back up when hubby is 1,500 miles from home? Can anyone else tell me why when said toilet backs up for hubby it takes exactly 1 minute to move everything along? Or can anyone tell me why it takes me 15 minutes of suppressed breathing and retching to get anything to do anything but turn the water darker and the plunger the right side out???? CAN ANYONE????? I seriously thought of posting pictures but I do want you to come back!

OK so at this point it stands like this:

My-hubby's-favorite-porcelain-throne: 1

Desperate-apron clad-housewife:0

(Don't worry Connie, I'm not sporting my favorite apron for this job!) Rather I'm tying 2 year olds around my nose - where is a bandanna when you need one? I WON'T CALL THE PLUMBER...I WON'T CALL THE PLUMBER...I WON'T CALL THE PLUMBER....

So I didn't call the plumber, but I DID call the Father in Law!!!! Ha ha ha, what the desperate-apron clad-housewife lacked in brute strength she made up for in BRAINS! FIL was the right man for the job and had everything moving along in no time, hubby must have inherited this trait!

Before I leave the subject of my toilet to hopefully never return again, I will leave you with some of my thoughts as I endured this adventure!

So the random thoughts running through my mind as I plunged endlessly...

I will not feed 7 yo bran again until hubby comes home!!

I really need to have a training lesson on the right amount of TP!

No one will eat bran until hubby comes home!!!

The one thought that I NEVER did have was ....

hmmm, I wonder what happened to the crocheted baby booties in the donate pile!!!

The only thought that I really should have had!

So the scoreboard now stands like this:

Desperate-apron clad-housewife : 0

2 year old: 1


Dimple Queen said...

LOLOLOL...been there! Everything seems to go wrong when hubby is gone! Our A/C decided to flood the living room one night while Carlton was gone, and one time the garbage disposal backed up into the sink and dishwasher, then there was the time the washing machine stopped ALL happens when they are gone!

So, did you get it all moving!

Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

Ugggghh! I'm so sorry!

Amy D said...

In my experience, not only does it break and go wrong when hubby is gone... it is always, somehow his fault. ;)

Dimple Queen said...

I am so sorry that you had to endure all of that, but I am CRACKING UP!!! When Timothy was almost 3 his bathroom was out of toilet paper and insteadyelling to tell me, he used a WASHCLOTH!!!!! That did cause a few problems...luckily it was one of those baby washcloths so it was MUCH smaller.


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