December 14, 2007

11 years ago today...

DH and I were saying I do right about this time! It was an amazing and wonderful day. I remember trying to remember everything about the day as it happened.

I remember waking up and the one pressing thing I HAD to do that day (beside get married) was to PAINT my toenails! My nails were all made up in the french manicure, but my toes needed some color.

Getting my hair done and remembering to wear a button up shirt that didn't have to go over my head later on.

I remember waking up to my Dad making pancakes for breakfast and how surreal it was to be eating breakfast with my family as a single person one more time.

Getting ready was a fun occasion except for my sister almost wanting to deck the best man!

I remember walking down the aisle and everyone looking at me as I clung to my Dad's arm for support. It was like a dream in soft focus (I was looking through a veil!) I kept thinking is this for real!!!

I sung to him during our wedding as he held my hand and softly whispered "thank you" and "your doing great" when my voice quivered and I sung the first verse - twice.

We were saying our vows and I was listening to the preacher, but always being the AD.D person that I am, I kept thinking in my head, not married yet - still single, not married yet - still single, saying "I Do!" and then thinking, WOW, Married!

Then we proceeded to the reception and it was a fun time with all of our family and college buddies and lots of people I didn't really know but now I have grown to love.

Leaving the reception I cried as I told my parents goodbye and laughed as we got into the limo - driven by one of our college professors who decided to open a side business and apparently gave my husband a good deal!!! Seriously!

Entering the hotel we signed in as MR and MRS - TOO WILD!

We went upstairs and I realized - I NEVER PAINTED MY TOES! How does one get married with unpainted toes?????

The next morning I woke up and it is seriously in the top 5 of my best days ever lived!

Our life has had many ups and downs, lots of valleys and mountain tops, knowing what I know now, I would STILL say yes to his proposal, but instead of a nervous yes I would say confidently OF COURSE!


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