December 13, 2007

A funny...again

My dear sister sent my brood Christmas gifts in the mail today (thank you DS and yep we got them today!) and they were placed carefully under the tree to await Christmas morning. 2 yo DD's present was a little ripped from being transported across the country but I placed it under the tree to fix it later. Well, as I sat down to blog I hear a "NO,no" from oldest dd, since that isn't uncommon in this house to be telling 2 yo No-no, I didn't think anything of it. Well, then I hear, "Look sissy, it is 2 babies!" followed by squeals of delight from 2 yo. Then I hear peals of laughter coming from the dining room from the other 3. Someone in the mix was trying to explain that these were for Christmas morning, but that was as clear as mud to 2 year old! Thus ensued 2 yo running around ecstatically with a half opened Christmas present. Followed by more giggles and "look babies!!"

I finally explained to her that these presents are for next week and that she will be able to get her babies out then and play with them. She kept saying, "these are mine for next week! Babies go sleepy till next week!" I kept saying,"yes, next week!"

So I rewrapped the gift and she dutifully ran to place it under the tree, but she promptly sat on top of it and announced, "THIS IS MINE for Next week!"

A little while later Daddy came in and she was still dutifully watching over her wrapped box, Daddy tried to ask her a question, but she shushed him and said, "Babies sleeping!" It was so cute. I may have to let her have them just so we can talk in the dining room again! 2 yo are fun!


media said...

I am glad that you got them. The babies were hard to wrap so I can see how they got ripped open. We can not have ANY presents under our tree this year due to ds (3 year old) thinking all of them are his. I hope all of your other children are just as excited when they open their gifts.

Dimple Queen said...

Um....are you celebrating Christmas early? It's not next week, it's the week after. Well technically I guess it is next week and a few days...BUT then again, does a 2 yo really understand that....LOLOL


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