December 5, 2007

Fast Fixin's

This is once again a themed week for Works for Me Wednesday. Shannon describes it as:

"Welcome to WFMWTWDIFE! (That's "Works-For-Me Wednesday: the What Do I Fix? Edition", for those of you who are unable to speak in acronyms.)

We've all had days like this (if you haven't, then really, I don't want to hear about it): The day has been crazy, kids have too much homework, you have a sinus headache, laundry is piled high, you've been too busy to get to the store, 5:15 rolls around, and your in-home cook hasn't shown up yet
. "

So what do we fix for dinner on these days? Rice bowls are a favorite around here, but burritos come a close second on these days. Huevos con Chorizo is another favorite when the pickings are slim and we are all hungry and I have time to run 3 miles that week, but boy is it good! (I use about 6 eggs cooked with half a chorizo and serve with beans in a tortilla topped with cheese - delicious!) When we are really running behind and we don't have a lot of time then scrambled egg sandwiches are a favorite alternative. (I know Shannon requested no sandwiches, but that is our reality!) To me that always hits the spot, fluffy scrambled eggs on a toasted piece of bread spread with a thin layer of mayo - yummy!

Another fast and favorite dish is California Pitas. Grilled chicken breast stuffed in a pita with avocados, lettuce and tomato drizzled lightly with raspberry vinaigrette, yummy! My husband's aunt just clued me in to another fast recipe for those nights. It doesn't have a name, but it is super delicious. You take one pound of ground hamburger and to it you add one potato diced, throw it in a skillet and add a handful of diced onions and tomatoes, drizzle with olive oil and s & p. Cover and cook. When it is cooked well remove the cover and let some of the liquid cook off, stuff the mixture into a pita and top with lettuce and sour cream. (OK so pitas are basically sandwiches, but seriously, they are my favorite food, shhhh don't tell!)

Anyway, these are our fast fixin's. Head back over to Shannon's for more quick dinner tips!

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