December 7, 2007

Schedule change...2

Well we did it. We put bible first today and wow, what a difference it made! We talked about sour attitudes today and we read James 3:13-18! It was a great lesson, I absolutely love Our 24 Family Ways, it is linked in the side bar. Today we studied chapter 18 and one thing that they said in the chapter that I absolutely loved is about our words. They likened our words to flowers are our words growing flowers or weeds! The kids could get their mind around that analogy and we have used it all day. Just wanted to let you know what a difference today's schedule change made!


Anonymous said...

Heb 11:1 Now faith is being certain of things hoped for and certain of things not seen.


Tamra Perkinson said...


Wow! So great to see you posted on my blog! I had no idea that we had so much in common!! I love so many of the books you listed and have such a heart for home-schooling!!! What a blessing to see the "Moms for Modesty" on your sidebar!!! I'm blessed reading over things here on your blog too!

Ya know...the most vivid memory I have of you from college is when we lived next door to each other in Burt dorm and I waxed your legs!!!!! Do you remember that?? CRAZY!!! I had SO much fun and you were in complete agony!!! I laugh out loud just thinking about it!

So great to get in contact with you. Thanks!



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