January 20, 2008

Christmas update...

I thought I would share my kids favorite gifts from this past Christmas season:

My oldest DD received this and this from Vision Forum. She loves it and has read the book over and over. She is involved at a book club with our local library and she took it to share this last time. She looks so cute in her Dolly Madison Dress.

My DS received this and this. He loves history and he is really into studying the Civil War right now. So these have intensified his love of reenacting all of these things. Yes, he has been given strong parameters when playing with the sword.

My 5 yo DD was given this and this from her aunt. She loves it so much that anytime we go out she wants to take her babies and the stroller with her. She is so cute to make sure that she loves on her little boy baby as much as her little girl. I would tell you what she named them but she used her brother and her name.

My 2 yo LOVES this gift sent from my sister. She plays with them all of the time. They are so soft and cuddly. She is so cute when she swaddles them up and puts them in her play sling. I love to watch her play with them even though half the time she is carrying them upside down!

A great idea that my mother gave to the kids this year was a whole years subscription to a couple of different magazines. They have already received a Highlights and they are anxiously awaiting the other 2 that she picked out for them. One is a backyard adventures series and another is a discovery series. They have already decided who gets to read what first.

She also sent them an Odyssey CD and we bought them a couple as well for their stockings. They are produced so well that hubby and I also enjoy listening to them. We played them over and over during our after Christmas camping adventure in the mountains.

So that is a recap on our successful Christmas gifts this year, the ones that have seen the most play. Most of them were given by aunties or grandmothers who really wanted to know what the kids would love. Let me know your successful gifts this year. The ones with lots of play in them.

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