January 29, 2008

I think it is official...

I'm getting OLD! :o! Yesterday, 5 yo dd and I went out to buy some nice new undies for 2 yo dd. So, as is my custom whenever I run an errand with one of my little ones, I stopped to get her a treat. Chick Fil A brownies are a favorite around here, well Chick Fil A in general is a favorite around here - Yum! Anyway, she and I stopped and as the young little cashier handed me my change she accidentally dropped a penny and said, "Oh Snap!" I laughed and thanked her for the change.

My 5 yo who is definitely interested right now in trying to master snapping, looked at me and asked why that girl said snap. I said it is just a slang expression like cool, or totally tubular, or way cool, or awesome...etc. Then ensued one of those conversations where every answer was followed by why...because sometimes it is fun to express yourself with different expression...why...because sometimes Opps sounds boring and teenagers don't like to be boring...why...etc!

So that rounded the discussion to what did I say to express my self, so I asked her what she thought. Her answer, "Oh my stars!" Now at this point I'm sure my mother and sister and brother are cracking up because this exact statement is WHAT MY MOTHER SAYS!!!!! So it is official I'm getting old!

1 comment:

media said...

Yes, I never say that expression! That is funny! That does sound JUST LIKE mom


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