January 29, 2008

3 really great (for me) random tips!

Hello all, this week I have 3 small random tips that really work for me. I could have used them for the next 3 works for me Wednesday, but since they are small I thought I would just pass them all along, cause I try to be nice like that! :)!

Ok, random tips:

#1 - Boys Cowlicks! My son has the worst cowlick on the back of his head. Each and every morning he resembles a rooster more than my handsome boy! I tried everything to coax it down, gel and water - hair wax - hairspray, nothing worked he would just end up looking like Alfalfa from Our Gang! Until one magical day I accidentally grabbed the girls leave in conditioner instead of the water bottle. WOW! It worked wonders, it relaxed his hair enough for it to lay down perfectly! Yippee for me!

#2 - Power cords! In today's day and age of cordless electronics, my electronics and I were constantly being separated - but never again because now as soon as one of those pesky power cords leaves its safe haven of packaging I label it with a white label and now I always know what they go to!

#3 - Tight jar lids! I don't have a lot of strength in my hands so many times jar lids are hard for me to take off, but not anymore because now when I need to open a tight jar lid I slip on my rubber gloves first. That way the jar doesn't just turn in my hand and I can get a great grip on the lid.

So those are my wonderfully random tips for this works for me Wednesday. Head back over to Shannon's for more great tips and send her good wishes and prayers for her upcoming trip to Africa!


jennwa said...

All great tips but I really love #2. Thanks.

Jamie said...

For the stuck lids, popping the seal by prying at the edge with a spoon. My husband has had to find other man jobs around the house.

Tiffany said...

Good news about the cowlicks! Little Bit was born with what looked like a baby mohawk, and that area of his hair is still twice as thick as anywhere else on his scalp. Add that to a monster cowlick in the back, and we can get some funny looks! His only saving grace is that his hair is very fine like mine and not coarse, so most days it's not too stubborn. =)

Question - has blogger been giving you problems using hyperlinks? I can't link anything like I used to and was wondering if something had changed in the program while I was on my hiatus or if it was just me. -Tiffany

Annikke said...

All of those are excellent tips! Thanks for sharing!

Heart of Wisdom said...

Super tips! I learned to label my cords after years of looking for the right ones.

y son has a cowlick too. Thanks for the tips.

I missed WFMW so I'm browsing them now.I have a new blog focusing on home organization.



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