January 26, 2008

Resolution update

So week one of my resolutions:
To read a complete list of my resolutions click here.

My Bible Study: I have not improved in this area this week. It is really depressing and I need to just do it. It seems as if we are so busy, I learned a really great acronym for busy this week: being under satan's yoke. If we are too busy to stop and spend time with God it is all for naught. On top of that, I only have my children in my care for such a short time, in no time at all they are grown and gone. What impact am I leaving on them. This week will be better.

My finances: So this month I have started couponing. I did really well at CVS and at Wal-Greens at both places I bought 70 dollars worth of merchandise for $32.00. I hope to get this down even further as I learn more tricks. As an added bonus, couponing has led me to focus more on others. For example, I had a buy one get one free coupon for sugar free candy. I don't eat sugar free, but my husband's grandparents are diabetic. So I picked up the bags to send to them for Valentine's Day. Also I had a $20 off coupon for a new dia.betic bl.ood monitor, we are not diabetic but I picked it up to pass along to someone who did need it. That was an added bonus that I just didn't expect.

My Diet and Exercise: We did our circuit training twice this week. Next week I want to add another day to this. I have not had a Dr. Pepper this week and yesterday was the hardest day of all trying to not crave it. Slightly sweetened iced teas have helped but that isn't helping me reduce white sugar in my life. I have been diligently working on my sour dough spelt bread. I should be able to bake it tomorrow.

My Home: Uhh, yeah we will try again on this one next week.

My Marriage: This one isn't really hard as hubby and I have a pretty solid marriage, but yesterday I did ask him if there was something he wanted done and ashamedly it did not get done.

My Children: We are focusing on not whining with the little ones this week and good attitudes with the big ones. It isn't really that big of a deal around here, but occasionally it is nice to really crack down when it seems as if it is getting out of control. ALSO my dear little 2 year old is POTTY TRAINED!! We did get that accomplished this week! Yippee.

Next week is a new beginning to try again. What are you working on?

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