February 4, 2008


So this is my 100th post. So tradition has it that I am supposed to post 100 things about myself. So here goes, as boring and tedious as it may be:

1. I read non-fiction
2. because I can't put a fictional book down and then I stay up way too late!
3. I have been married for 11 years
4. I have a 9 yo dd
5. I have a 7 yo ds
6. I have a 5 yo dd
7. I have a 2 yo dd
8. I love homeschool
9. I love to cook desserts
10. I hate to cook casseroles
11. I adore Mexican food
12. We are a traveling family
13. January 08 hubby and I skiied Whistler and spent some time in Victoria BC for our 10th anniversary
14. February we went to Texas
15. March/ Texas
16. May we embarked on an 11 state tour of Yosemite,
17. Yellowstone
18. Mount Rushmore
19. Mesa Verde
20. Grand Canyon
21. I have to make myself get dressed everyday because I LOVE my pjs
22. I Do get dressed everyday
23. I can't do anything until my house is put together.
24. So my house is typically neat,
25. Notice I didn't say clean!
26. I
27. Haven't
28. posted anything
29. this week
30. because of this list!
31. Not even about Super Tuesday
32. OR my devastation on Thursday
33. when my vote dropped out!! :(
34. Ok so this week has gone like this:
35. 1 accident by 2 year old - Yippee!
36. two days worked at restaurant
37. but I'm now down to 1 day because
38. I felt like my kids weren't getting everything
39. they needed from me.
40. I saved a ton of money
41. at CVS!
42. CVS 101 is a great place to start if you want to start the CVS game.
43. OK back to random things about me:
44. I grew up in Texas and always thought I would live there forever
45. Hubby did not grow up in Texas and did not think he would live there forever
46. So we do not live in Texas but that is OK
47. I have never broken anything
48. I worked at Chick Fil A in highschool
49. I interviewed Jim Lovell in college for the newspaper
50. I really love Dr. Pepper
51. But alas I have given in up in hopes of a trimmer waist.
52. The first week was hard
53. but now it is Ok except for the glances at the maroon can
54. I think I must be pretty boring.
55. I love to play board games.
56. I have lots of good friends but only one Best Friend in the entire world.
57. I have 2 sweet sisters
58. I have 2 funny brothers
59. I have 2 sweet and funny parents
60. ...are we there yet???
61. The Jetson's and Mr. Roger's are great shows!
62. also The Flintstone's
63. and The Brady Bunch
64. I
65. can't
66. go
67. on
68. much
69. longer.
70. However Aimee has graciously agreed to help out!
71. I can fit my whole fist in my mouth
72. When I introduce myself and begin a conversation with a stranger my
73. southern bell accent chimes in to help!
100. YAY! So now I can get back to regular posting!


Amy D said...

Congrats on your 100th post.
I didn't know about doing 100 things about me until I got to around 120-something posts, but I'm kind of relieved..... I get stressed just imagining trying to think of 100 things about myself! ;)

Chad and Rebecca said...

never broken anything...i beg to differ! remember when we were little and you broke that little house that we got for christmas. remember what a sweet sister you have that gave you hers in exchange for your broken one????????

Liz said...

Ok, little sister is right. One Christmas we were given 2 identical mini glass houses. I dropped mine and it cracked so sweet sister gave me hers. So very sweet; however, I meant I have never broken a bone! I have broken too many inanimate objects to mention!

Chad and Rebecca said...

Oh, I was wondering if I had read that right, blame it on preggo brain! Go in Tuesday for my gestational diabetes test, wish me luck!

Dimple Queen said...

Wow...when I did mine, maybe I got a little too pwrsonal with it! I came up with 100 things in no time! yours was cute though...loved how you just skipped to the end!

Anonymous said...

I could think of a few more things for you.... You can fit your fist in your mouth, when your trying to be nice to strangers your accent gets REALLY exagerated... need I go on? -Aimee

Liz said...

Aimee, you don't need to go on because if I ever have to do it again, I will let you write it for me - but I will definately be editing it! You know TOO much, he he he. Lets see what would I write on yours...maybe about a cold walk to our 8 am english class! You had on a green suede jacket and a brown leather backpack. We were walking along and talking - I was in mid sentence and looked over and you weren't there anymore...because you were flat on your face and you couldn't have looked more like a turtle if you tried. I think I snorted back some howling laughter while trying to find out if you were Ok and when I found you laughing so hard I couldn't be polite any longer. We sat there and howled with laughter. What fun days! Hugs!


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