February 4, 2008

School Days

I have been asked by several people why we have chosen to homeschool. So I thought I would give 5 of my top reasons: (Note: This is not intended to be a debate about the best choice of homeschool, private, or public. Every family is given different resources and must choose wisely which best fits their life.)

I have always known that I would homeschool my children. In fact it was a prerequisite that the man I married would be in favor of this method of education. (In fact it was such a big deal to me that I was nervous the first time I asked hubby, then pretty serious boyfriend, about it - imagine my relief when he said that he thought it was wonderful!) Homeschooling is not a time of day for my children but it is rather a lifestyle that we have chosen. So my top reasons are:

1. Freedom, we aren't tied down to anyone's dictated schedule of our lives, when Daddy is off so are we.

2. Because I want to teach them "precept upon precept" what a Christian walk looks like (talk about pressure) and how to run a home so when they start out in the world they aren't learning it for the first time.

3. Because of bills like SB7.77 (since CA is the largest text book buyer this will dictate how textbooks are written)

4. Because I truly believe that one-on-one instruction works best

5. Because it is fun!

6. Because my children are very close with each other. They have many friends through park day and class days and church, but they are each others closest companions and truly each others best friends. They will defend each other with a fierceness that warms my heart. (They will also fight and yell and say one or another is selfish - they aren't perfect - but they love each other.)

7. Because hubby and I are in control of the influences that enter their mind and hearts

Ok so that was 7. I think that homeschoolers get a little zealous in defending our decision because it is hard work and if we didn't defend it then questions like: "What about socialization!" could become a little tedious. And since I brought it up, I will answer "what about socialization": I have found that most children have many opportunities besides school to meet and play with other children, I have also found for us, we have to say no to many opportunities because we would never get our work done in the house or in our books.

So those are my main reasons for choosing home. Hope that sheds a little light on the subject. Have a great Monday.

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