March 3, 2008

5 yo is now 6yo!

This weeks WFMW is backwards again! Please let me know how to pull the following off:

My dear sweet 5 year old is turning 6! How fast time flies. She has requested a tea party birthday and we have it all planned for the 17th of March. She is inviting 2 little friends and her cousin. So it will be small and sweet. I am trying to brainstorm for some games, crafts, decorations to make this especially sweet and frugal simple. Do any of you have any great ideas to share with me??? Pleeeeeaseeee oh pretty, pretty puhlllleeeease! Thanks!


Robin said...

This site has a bunch of teapot birthday cakes. It uses frames so I can't link directly, just do a search on "tea party" and you'll find them. Scroll down below the product listings for all the homemade cake photos. Some are really cute!

As for games, how about pin the handle on the teapot? If the party is outside, you could have a race where they need to carry a teacup full of (cold) tea across a finish line.

Happy birthday to your little girl, six is a fun one.

Jendeis said...

A hit at every birthday no matter the theme, my friend's mother did it every year and we loved it.

Show everyone a shoebox filled with miscellaneous items for 1 minute. Take the box away and everyone has 2 minutes to write down everything they remember. Person with the most remembered items gets a prize!

Best part of my tea party birthday (turning 10) was the little tea sandwiches. White bread with crusts cut off and spread with strawberry or pineapple cream cheese.

Emily said...
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Emily said...

I love tea parties and have LOTS of fond memories from them! Here are some things we did:
1) Hair care....did each other's hair with ribbons and bows before we ate
2) Dress up....made sure we had lots of pretty frilly scarves and dresses and hats
3)Played house.....after "tea" we had a little store set up (my mom's jar of lemon drops and some crackers etc) and played a long time going to and from the store

Food is always a key. Here are things that are good at a tea party:
1) Iced tea or lemonaid (for the non-tea drinkers)
2) Little cupcakes, frosted
3) Fruit/ Fruit in jello
4) Sandwhiches cut in fancy triangle shapes
5) Pudding in goblets (if you have)
6) Tunafish on crackers
7) Pickles in a glass dish

1) Flowers in a vase
2) lace tablecloth over colored cloth
3) Glass dishes, or serving trays (un breakable cups though)
4) Colored paper dishes (plates and cup and napkins)
5) Any flower theme (tissue paper flowers,real flowers, streamers...could even send some seeds home as a party gift or plant some flowers in a little pot to send home or do homemade chia potato pets)
Hope that helps! Have fun!

Jenni said...

When I was a little girl, I went to a great little tea party thrown by a mom on a budget. Each place setting had a baby rose by the table that was tied with a ribbon (that would cost what, 3 bucks?). The mom told us how we could go home and hang it upside-down to dry it.

For an activity, she bought a bunch of cheap plastic headbands, tulle, and a few other miscellaneous pretty decorations, like a spool of pretend pearls. We used glue to decorate our headbands as gaudily as our gradeschool hearts desired. It was so much fun!

I kept that dried flower for YEARS, and I dried many other flowers with my newfound skill all through junior high and high school. Thank you, Mrs. Goodrich!

Angie said...

One party favor idea could be to check out Goodwill for some fancy tea cups and saucers, and pick them up inexpensively. Then, you can send them home with the girls.


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